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Check our website for previous auction results which is usually updated the day after the auction. You can contact our auctioneers at Mid Sussex Auctions Ltd for details of unsold properties and their bidding prices in the previous auctions. Past sale data can help you calculate pre-sale estimates of antiques, fine arts and collectables that you wish to sell. For accurate pre-sale estimates, talk to our experienced auctioneers and valuers today.

In addition to free verbal sales valuation, we also offer full house clearances and probate valuations in the Sussex and Surrey regions. Browse our archives for past auctions and general sales held by Mid Sussex Auctions Ltd. If you wish to sell or buy at Mid Sussex Auctions Ltd, read our conditions of sale. We have a buyers premium of 15% + VAT and holding fee.

Previous sale results at Mid Sussex Auction Ltd

  • Cary's celestial library globe sold for £11,000
  • Lot 629 sold for £2,300
  • Capt. A.L. Paramour Military Cross sold for £1,800
  • Doulton Windmills Lady sold for £2,000
  • An 18 century walnut chest on chest sold for £14,000
  • Army of India medal and 2 Waterloo medals sold for £6,800
  • Chinese vase, Lot 831 sold for £12,000
  • Geo IV centre table, Lot 1 sold for £3,700
Previous sale results
For probate valuations and past auction results in the Sussex and Surrey areas,

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